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TechnoXLR8 #2 Video, Marc Roux on Transhumanism

For French speakers, here is the video of the second TechnoXLR8 online conference organized by the French Transhumanist Association on teleXLR8. Marc Roux, president and co-founder of the French Transhumanist Association, shared his thoughts on the impact of, reactions to, and future of transhumanism in France and the French speaking world.

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teleXLR8 archives

The 2010–2013 teleXLR8 archives have been moved here. See also the original teleXLR8 website. The teleXLR8 video channel on is not active and will disappear soon. All videos are in the teleXLR8 video channels on Youtube and Vimeo.

The teleXLR8 online talk program based on OpenQwaq has been covered by Hypergrid Businessas an online open TED, using modern telepresence technology for ideas worth spreading, and as a next generation, fully interactive TV network with a participative audience.

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TechnoXLR8, online transhumanist conferences in French

The French Transhumanist Association, Technoprog! is pleased to announce that, from the month of November 2013, we are launching the first round of French conferences entirely online which we named “TechnoXLR8.” These conferences will be organized in thematic cycles, one for each month.

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Turing Church Online Workshop 2

The Turing Church Online Workshop 2 on Sunday December 11, 2011, explored transhumanist spirituality and “Religion 2.0″, the convergence of science and religion, highly imaginative future science and technologies for resurrection, emerging science and technologies for immortality.

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